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Friday, April 03, 2015

Waking up at 6+am for hair and makeup and i was already SO tired, i seriously don't know how those brides who need to get prepared and gatecrash by 5+am do it man!

Seeeeeriously image heavy post today!
Oh by the way, I've updated all my wedding related posts on the right for easy access. (:

The 新娘房! Hahaha yes i know i have like a million little knick knacks. 

But i feel comfortable in my "organized mess". To Leon it's just A MESS. Hahahaha organized mess to me because although there's alot of things, i always know where every single thing is.

The 2 errrr out of focus flower arrangement was done by me ok! Haha my hotel did provide flowers and all but i'm just chui jior (itchy hand) and i wanna try my hand at everything! Hahaha going to bring it to the hotel for the cocktail reception decor so I was letting it sit in the air-conditioned room first.

I took a crazy dramatic fall on the side of my ass right smack in the middle of my living room because I was running to grab my wedding from to go to the room to change into it  LOL (it's one of those times that I have no idea - to be horrified or laugh at myself) it was super embarrassing cos literally the whole team of photographers/videographers/relatives are all there and I didn't feel anything till last night when I finally took a shower after the whole shebang and gotten down to relax that I realized that was a huge ass bruise coming on and this morning it hurts to like even sit?! 

The rest of the wedding day/night I pretty much froze and was so afraid if anybody as much as stepped on my train when I'm walking cos I was so afraid that I'll go face plant on the floor this time but my amazing @nadnut omg she followed me the whole night holding up my long train and all that fluff.. Really Xin ku ni le!

Hello Daddy, i can't see your eyes. #眯眯眼

Introducing.. Bridesmaid #1.. Bridesmaid #2 hahaha my bridesmaids so sweet can, preparing "breakfast" for the groom and groomsmen early in the morning ok. Mauahaha

My mummy is a true piece of work. hahahaha harmless and unsuspecting looking yet DEADLY glutinous rice balls with a motherload of CHILL PADI inside for [辣].


SweetHeart Jelly for [甜] Lol but they gotta be "clingwrapped face" and reach for the jelly, it's DAMN FUNNY.

猪脚醋 that hasn't been cooked with meat [酸] FYI it's SUPER sour and choking when it hasn't been cooked with meat lol! Again my mummy's idea hahahaha she's AWESOME

Isn't my wedding bouquet SUCH A BEAUTY! 
Quite pricey thou, it was close to $400 i think. Ordered them from Floral Magic.
Hehe my cousins and aunt was taking turn face time-ing me to let me see everything live! 

Hey you, Groom + Groomsmen! Running late still 耍酷! 还不快点来接新娘! HAHAHA

Come come eat breakfast first! First course [酸]

Ok? You ok? Let's go [辣] then! The unsuspecting chilli padi bomb!

Our first brave groomsmen popped it into his mouth and realized his mouth is FULL of chilli padi. LOL look at my very 夸张 hubby.

Yes it's hot hot hot hot hot hot. HAHAHAH my bridesmaid didn't give chance somemore, gave them HOT water to flush the chilli padi down. Thumbs up *wink* hahahaha

Next up, [甜]! Hahahah of course it's not that easy! I really ROFL when i was watching this over facetime hahahahah

Next is the "punishment" round! hahahaha purposely gave lots of impossible questions (like even i don't know ones like what my mum's IC hahahah) so we can punish them by waxing their leg!!! LOL

Muahahah YOU DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER? Gimme your hairy 美腿!

Hahahah i like to throw in some disgusting touchy type game so.. Lick the whipcream off the body parts you picked!! And hubbay really hit the jackpot with this one man. First up he picked NIPPLE ALREADY HAHAHAHA

Poor Jarell whipping out his nips HAHAHAHA 
What is this!? hahah MORE WHIP CREAM!!!

Yah.. i know you like it 的. I hope Jarell doesn't get offended by your obvious distaste of his nipple-d whipcream. HAHAHAHA

Seeing this photo never fails to make me laugh my ass off. I seriously did not expect Shirley to make Nicholas the 一眉道长 HAHAHAHAHA

Twerk dat ass boys~!

LOL this was suppose to be the angpow penalty round!! I purposely poked a dozen holes in Leon's FROGGIE balloon and it was suppose to not been able to blow up and they will have to give angpow to my girls but i totally underestimated my hubbay's LUNGS OF STEEL! Hahaha

LAST ROUND!! They are suppose to dig around the bottle for the key to enter my house.. but we added a bunch of WORMS and a bunch of wrong keys and 1 right key in there!!!

Here are the worms eeeeew!!!

Last last last game! Marriage contract that he wrote.. but he has to read it out loud in HOKKIEN instead of english so it was SO SO SO FUNNY 

And he kept shouting and seeking help from his groomsmen who were waiting outside! LOL!! To be honest, i've no bloody idea what he was saying in hokkien 3/4 of the time hahahaha

Looking at my bridesmaid laugh makes me wanna laugh too!!!

Our pastor who baptised the hubbay and gave us pre-marriage counseling was so sweet to drop by to give a blessing prayer early in the morning!

This concludes Part 1 of the morning of our wedding day! I'll be posting up the rest slowly because there's just SOOO many photos especially when I have 2 photographers! haha

Photography by EggsBenedictChan


Really love working with Benedict for our wedding because his style is.. i would say, non-intrusive, really natural because there are hardly many shots that was posed at all, it's really is just candid and very real.. moments.

I usually hate myself in candid shots 99% of the time but after seeing our engagement session (see here) and actual wedding day shot by Benedict, I can only say that he's just really good at capturing THE moment!

 You can email him to check for his rates and for any enquiries.
He's so friendly and i'm absolutely sure you're in good hands with Benedict. (:


♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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